Action Education Shenzhen Alumni Association visited TXD

Source:本站   Date:2020/01/03  


December 25, 2019, Shenzhen Alumni Association of Mobile Education visits and exchanges in TXD. The principals of Shenzhen Alumni Association Mu Tao and President Xiao Yanxiong cooperated with the outstanding enterprises of Shenzhen Alumni Association to visit and share with TXD.

Shenzhen Alumni Association, as one of the more than 30 alumni associations in the world, leads members of outstanding corporate principals to visit TXD shares together. Before the meeting,Mr. Jiang Yong, the manager of Shenzhen General Management Department of Shenzhen TXD Technology Co., Ltd., he showed the group of Shenzhen Alumni Association around the headquarters of TXD, and inturoduced the corporate culture of TXD .Finally,TXD won highly recognition of the Entrepreneurs of Shenzhen Alumni Association.

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