TXD:The disclosure of 2017 annual report is completed successfully.

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28,Feb,2018,SHENZHEN TXD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(stock symbol:002845, hereinafter referred to as "TXD”) discloused 2017 annual report.2017 is a vital year for the development of TXD.Realizing the stable growth of capacity and optimizing products structure strategically. Focusing on annual business objectives, guidelines and business plans,TXD effectively promotes the company's business activities and achieves the annual business objectives.Through hardworking of employees,operating income has reached to 366.4 billion RMB. Year-on-year growth was 30.81%. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 149 million RMB.Year-on-year growth was 52.81%,Profit is increasing continuously.Built NANCHANG TXD PRECISION PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LTD&NANCHANG INTELLIGENT DISPLAY CO.,LTD.Details are as follow:

1、TXD would promote the upgrades of technology and products features constantly.We focus on the research and development experience on TFT LCD module,integrated technology,full screen,On-cell display module,In-cell display module,Camera module AMOLED,glasses-fress 3D display,camera module, Liquid crystal test cloud system.TXD expands and enriches products structure through constant innovation.Display kinds and full screen has realized MP.AMOLED module is on trail-produce while integrated module is in MP. The technology reserve of the camera module of optoelectronic products has been completed and is being prepared for large-scale production. The plan would become one of the most important growth points in the future.

2、To improve customer service ability based on customer needs. During the report,We have digged deeply into the market and customer's demand so as to provide better value service for the customer based on customer-oriented. TXD would enhance the understanding and analysis of market、R&D system and customer business, quickly responding and satisfying their needs due to upgrading.The vigorously development towards full screen.AMOLED module, further industrialization of the integrated module and camera module and other optoelectronic products has enhanced the service ability of TXD.

3、Deepen management reform and improve operational efficiency.TXD has been on heavy business period since listed.In order to facilitate company stewardship and improve working efficiency.We have been built the information management system with "TXD information management system" as the core through LCD module planning management system,LCD module development management system,LCD module production information control system and the in-depth informatization integration of production management,realizing the seamless connection of ERP with MES and a sharp rise in the company's production management efficiency

4、Enhancing automation intelligent manufacturing capability.re-arranging R&D, Production and procurement process information field as well as realizing highly informationized management and Unmanned production automation manufacturing lays a solid foundation of achieving large-scale high benefit production.

5、Promoting group cohesion and fighting force,exercising our incentive mechanism and set up a model, The first equity incentive award is completed after TXD is listed,which awards to 26 managerial personnel,key technical staff.It improves their working enthusiasm and inspires innovation as well as achieves internal operating assistance.Not only can it enhance talent cohesion,but also improve company’s performance.Meanwhile, a high transfer to all shareholders has been given to all shareholders.

6、Furtherly promoting the competitive of superior product, proportion of full lamination module products, highlighting integration product competitiveness, deepen full screen product layout,camera module product project has efficiently performed .It is a combination of hard and soft for the future scale economy.

On the very day, the company's forecast will be held on March 6, 2018 at 15:00-17:00 in the "panorama network" (http://rs.p5w.net/). Come join us!


2017 annual report

Public issue of convertible corporate bond plan.

2017 Preliminary Earnings Estimate

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