• Tongxingda business philosophy
    Constantly strive for excellence in quality and service to create value for customers.
    Tongxingda Management Policy
    Result-oriented continuous improvement
    Tongxingda Talent Strategy
    People-oriented, sincerity for the industry;
    benefit sharing and common progress.
  • Tongxingda Teamwork
    Innovation advances together and unites.
    Tongxingda Work Style
    Serious, fast, stick to promises, never make excuses
    Tongxingda thinking mode
    Result-oriented, inward thinking, digital thinking,
    creative thinking
  • Cultural trends
    Tongxingda pays attention to the growth of each partner, respects employees, cares for employees, and enhances employees. The company creates a good corporate culture through a variety of employees' collective activities, and allows Tongxingda to work together with employees to build and share together.
    Tongxingda Mission
    Provide high-quality products and services for world-renowned mobile phone brands, and create a career development platform for employees of Xingda.
    Tongxingda Values
    Pragmatic Innovation Integrity
  • Declaration
    Explain the beauty of vision for millions of smart product users! Adhere to achievement dreams, dreams to create the future!
    Branding language
    Tongxingda, China's leading brand of LCD module
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